ProtectMaster holds a complex training program with actual IT-security topics. The course includes training of professionals for software design, deployment and management in order to ensure the corporate information and network security.

Types of training

ProtectMaster offers courses with a flexible kind of training:

  • full-time;
  • virtual by the Internet connection;
  • e-mail, in standalone mode.

Full-time courses require personal attendance in a lecture room. Part-time or distance learning passes through video lessons or interactive online seminars.

The e-learning courses provide students with full information on the security risk assessment by ProtectMaster’s technique, as well as its subsequent application in real systems. The materials are available in electronic format for self-study.

ProtectMaster courses contain various thematic blocks: 

  • the network anonymity;
  • security risk assessment of social services (Vkontakte, Facebook);
  • testing web application security;
  • platform security (Android, iOS, Windows);
  • wireless network security (Wi-Fi);
  • attacks using social engineering.


A complex training program targeted to training of professionals in various fields of IT- security:

  • secure applications development;
  • vulnerability analysis of web-resources;
  • computer forensics;
  • intellectual property protection.

Teaching is organized with the assistance of the international IT-security experts. During the courses, the interactive demonstrations and laboratory exercises take a place.

The certification

ProtectMaster company gives the possibility to obtain certificates for its own products and developed technologies of the protection level assesment.

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