System integration

Organization of business applications of an enterprise in an integrated system with a single logic-controlled shared user interface is a priority of every modern company.

Often the structure of information in the organization as a whole is a chaotic set of IT-systems that interact with each other in a non-standardized way. This reduces the efficiency of management, harms business processes of the enterprise.

Integrated solutions

The total volume of system integration processes is aimed at the union of hardware and software companies into a single unit. It involves a comprehensive approach, not only limited to the standardization of software in the enterprise. Among the main tasks of system integration are the following:

• Standardization of network branches.

The process provides for an orderly web of branches, warehouses, the center of which is the head office. Records, documents and other information resources become public, if it has been made so in the sharing settings.

• Terminal sequencing.

This procedure involves transfer of documentation and the staff working on it to the terminal servers. Such terminal solutions can be realized for the company as a whole, as well as in its subsidiaries. Workstations are the clients of terminal servers.

• Comprehensive work with databases.

Efficient operation requires a powerful unified tool. In this case, we consider software standardization; as an example - the use of 1C-accounting. Public access to data through standard algorithms provide effective coordinated work of staff and full control over the situation.

• Corporate mail.

This is a mandatory element of system integration. Efficiency and safety of official correspondence requires the installation of a single server, as well as software. The latter includes server and client applications. Among the benefits are: corporate archive mail correspondence, its synchronization, unified database address books, simplification of the distribution process.

• IP-telephony.

It provides a complete telephone network within the enterprise, and a unified phone registry. Additional benefits include low-cost phone calls.

Our company has many years of practical experience in the design and installation of IT-architecture. Additionally, we offer consulting services for the implementation of system integration system and its audit.

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