Server settings and optimization

High performance of a server provides quick access to the necessary web resources. This ensures customers’ satisfaction with the website, which has a positive effect on the company's income.

Using the Internet to keep others in touch with the company's activity, creating own web resources for the promotion and sales of goods and services are an integral part of the success of any enterprise.

Development of the company leads to the widening of its representation on the Internet. A small web page with time can become a major Internet portal. As the amount of information grows and the flow of customers on the server increases, the performance of the platform is affected, which is not always positive.


How not to make failure out of success?

Business growth, increase in sales of products and services, constant influx of new customers visiting company's web resource lead to an additional load on the server, causing the decrease in page-access speed.

Therefore, the advertisement services that the companies pay for do not give the desired effect. The slow speed of access and lagging of pages quickly reduce the popularity of the resource, and in this way, company's popularity reduces as well. Your customers will switch to competing organizations, without your competitors' efforts.

Server optimization for new and growing needs of the enterprise is the only solution to this problem.

Specialists in server configurations will provide a comfortable access to the website.

The profits of a company today are determined by many nuances, one of them is server performance. Its optimization is a process that requires a certain skill. In order to avoid the negative effects of self-improvement of productivity, the issue of server configuration is best left to the professionals.

Employees of our company will set up the required OS components for the selected server configuration that will provide optimum performance. A set of activities includes:

  • detailed configuration of Apache settings;
  • optimization of MySQL database parameters;
  • debugging nginx web server under a set configuration;
  • installation of XCache or its prototypes, as well as their adjustment to accelerate the execution of scripts.

In addition, we will perform a complete OS optimization for the best performance of the server. The ease of use of the website provides comfort to the visitors. This supports the company's image and plays a role in its revenue growth.

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