Server security audit

Checking the level of protection of web servers is an integral part of a secure IT structure. The audit will remove existing malware, and identify security vulnerabilities.

Since businesses have shifted to the Web and since the creation of large-scale commercial network of thousands of online retailers, the question of IT infrastructure’s security has become even more critical.

The convenience of e-commerce has a downside, that is the need to ensure confidentiality of personal customer data. Similar questions rise up in large companies, their Internet presence is not limited to a central office, but includes an extensive network of branches.

Special responsibility for confidential information, including personal data, is assigned to the server that provides web hosting. In turn, our company offers audit services for server’s security.

Server Security Audit is a comprehensive service that includes analysis of various elements of the IT infrastructure, these are:

  • operating system;
  • software;
  • configurations of the Web server;
  • policy permissions.

The basic element is the operating system, the analysis of which is aimed at finding vulnerabilities that may create an opportunity for an unauthorized person to take control of the server. The ssh-server configurations and hard-disk performance are also checked.

The next element of the audit, indirectly affecting the OS, is to allocate rights of access to the following files and directories:

  • system files;
  • files containing confidential information;
  • backups;
  • server’s control panel.

Additionally, rights of access to user directories are analysed.

Vulnerabilities in software products

One of the demands for Web servers include up-to-date versions of their own software. In addition, mail software, cache and FTP servers, web applications and programming language interpreters are also subjected to analysis to make sure all of them are up-to-date. Settings and web servers are analysed as well to check whether they meet the safety requirements.


We will clean the servers that are under suspicion or used to perform malicious actions from unwanted software. Our specialists will perform preventive measures to avoid re-invasion and will conduct the necessary consultations on security arrangements.

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