Security research application

Security research application

The most of vulnerabilities appears in the early stages of development of software. Therefore, the approach to eliminate safety problems in the initial stage of application development, rather than a standard method of correcting them when necessary, has greater efficiency. ProtectMaster consultants simulate potential security threats before the creation of a software product that allows you to shut down all possible loopholes in its development stage.

Our specialists have practical experience of creating business software. Deep knowledge of the application development process allows them to eliminate existing loopholes in the software, as well as to avoid potential vulnerabilities when creating your own product. ProtectMaster specialists regularly conduct security checks in the following fields:

  • online shops, banks and other financial institutions;
  • software for developers, Internet portals and desktop systems.

Our company offers a full range of services to ensure the information security of business projects, including:

  • Vulnerability assessment of embedded systems;
  • elimination of loopholes in the system of pre-recorded voice message IVR;
  • detect loopholes in desktop and mobile applications, estimate risks, provide practical advice to reduce them;
  • threat modelling, as well as detecting and eliminating them at an early stage of development;
  • detection of vulnerabilities, risks, other security threats in the infrastructure of the website of the organization;
  • improve the security of installed applications, test scripts and the source code, the elimination of the identified errors;
  • assessment of potential methods for hackers to penetrate into the web application, vulnerability detection of working versions of web portals to determine the degree of commercial risk and consultation to reduce them.
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