Reputation management online

Up-to-date business is increasingly using the Internet to place products, orders, transactions and private advertising. However, the virtual network plays another role in the activities of enterprises that is the reputation. The users’ attitudes in relation to a company are heavily depended on a third-party reviews that posted on various websites. Wanting to know anything about the company, the potential customer is never limited the information from the official website. One will enter the appropriate request to the search engine box.


It is difficult to predict the further results. Regardless of products quality and service rendered by a company, the reviews of its activities may be negative. Generally, such a practice is characterized by unfair competitors for whom a black PR has become an effective tool in the fight for online market.

Monitoring online reputation

The contact with experts for the web resources promotion is the best way to avoid losing of the money already spent on the brand‘s reputation. In addition, our company provides a service for reputation monitoring in web search engines - SERM.

Our specialists have a lot of experience with SERM techniques. It allows them to conduct successfully the web resources regular monitoring, gathering and analyzing the information related to the client company, its services and products. In fact, they look on web materials by customer’s sight visiting:

  • social networks;
  • user blogs;
  • specialized resources containing reviews;
  • thematic forums;
  • news sites;
  • portals with customer complaints, web-analogue "black lists".

If negative notes on customer’s company are found, our experts carried out a set of measures in order to push "negative resources" out deeply into search engine results. Contrary to that, our team pushes to the upper echelons of the search sites with positive information about the customer.

It is well known fact that the most of internet users are limited to the first ten pages issued by search query. We’ll make sure that these resources will be provided only positive information about customer's products.

Intelligent building key requests

Our SERM-experts do their best in study of the customer companies producing or services. The key requests are chosen based on in-depth analysis. As result, the keywords combine the customer activities and the most frequently asked search requests from users.

Based on the compiled query, our experts prepare and place materials that forming a good reputation and positive image of the customer.

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