Protection against unauthorized surveillance device

Protection against unauthorized surveillance device


At the present, the value of commercial information exceeds the gold, platinum and couldn’t be estimated at fixed price. It gives hackers reasons to hunt on confidential data. The technological growth just moves that struggle to higher levels. For example, the newest eavesdropped devices are so small that could be hardly identified. It requires a special techniques and equipment.

Areas where information is particularly at risk

There are too much places that available to disguise sound signal capturing devices. For instance, one may plant a bug at a phone, power socket, vent and extension cord. Moreover, a bug is easily planted inside some gifts as a pen or flowers. The planting location is often determined by the duration of espionage.
The bug’s classification according to wiretap principle includes:
  • acoustic microphones;
  • vibrating radiostetoskopy;
  • infrared devices with information transferring by emitting for hundreds of meters;
  • network bugs powered by AC;
  • laser devices that captured acoustic signal by glasses vibration in windows.
A way to discover the planted bugs comprises both the certain techniques and specialized equipment. The simplest examples such devices are frequency counter and field detectors. In addition, it requires the high-level experts with in-depth technical skills.

Services provided to identify and block the bugs

A complex of the actions to identify the eavesdropped devices includes:
  • radio-monitoring facilities in order to discover the active planting used the transmission through radio channels;
  • nonlinear areas equipment uses to detect passive eavesdropping;
  • inspection for the absence of wired bugs;
  • search for the unauthorized surveillance devices;
  • preventive inspection of facilities to identify vulnerabilities for bugs planting;
  • localization and blocking of active eavesdropping.


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