DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

One of the most common and competitive types of hacking attacks are DDoS attacks. This type of attack initiates a high frequency of requests to network resources or services, creating an excessive load on them. As a result, access to them becomes difficult or is suspended for some time. Particularly relevant for today is the issue of protection against DDoS-attacks to such network resources as:

  • online stores;
  • electronic payment systems;
  • popular blogs.

This list is not complete, it only reflects the purpose of such an attack: to reduce the popularity of the competitor by blocking access to their Internet resource that is caused by the high loads generated by botnets.

Protection method

ProtectMaster will offer the best solution to prevent potential DDoS attacks based on filtering network traffic. This is done by routing the traffic in one of two main ways, or a combination thereof. In both cases, a DNS Redirection is used together with one of the following:

  • proxying;
  • GRE protocol for transmission.

The first method is used to protect the HTTP-traffic. Client gets an IP-address inside the protected network. Initially, the incoming traffic is filtered by ProtectMaster's network infrastructure. Next, the filtered traffic is forwarded to the customer network by proxy. The advantage of this method is high speed.

To provide protection against DDoS attacks of resources running on HTTPS-protocol, same technology is used, but traffic transmitted from ProtectMaster infrastructure to the server of the customer is organized by GRE-tunnels.

Three simple steps to smooth server operation:

  • Contact us by phone or through ProtectMaster website.
  • Discuss the protection and its cost with your consultant.
  • Move the A-record zones of DNS to the specified IP-address in the settings of your web hosting.

These simple steps will guarantee smooth operation of the network service in your business, they will help you to maintain the company's reputation at a high level.

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