Every successful company characterized by a solid amicable team. It requires highly responsible staff and managers with good communication and leading skills, who are ready to be visionary and “people person”.

Polygraph testing

The polygraph provides valid independent employees tests for the most of cases. One is suitable for both the current staff testing and examination of applicants for the job. It allows:

  • minimize the risks to hire irresponsible persons and frauds;
  • check the special skills, background and qualification level according to hiring position;
  • test the leading and communication skills of the current company management and applicants for the leading positions;
  • find the real personal motivations to be in company team.

Applying the polygraph prevents hiring of frauds as well as enhances the efficiency of “head hunting”. This is a solid way to create a highly motivated close-knit team of employees. The polygraph is the best tool for corporate investigations as well as a way to prevent the leaking of confidential information.

Our offers

ProtectMaster company provides the next polygraph services:

  • testing of applicants for the job vacancies;
  • regular inspections staff dealing with confidential information or wealths;
  • random tests managers and executives of different ranks for malpractice;
  • special employees checkup at the corporate investigation;
  • out of office testing by the polygraph in any regions of the country;
  • testing according to “Mind Reader” technique in a special filed defined by a client.

Our company guarantees quality and reliability of examinations and provides personal approach to every case.

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