Information security for private individuals

ProtectMaster team provides package of services to private persons in cyberspace including vulnerabilities analysis and IT security.

We make up a typical threat model, which takes into account the most relevant vectors of attack on the client. This model based on customer activities analysis in order to identify the most critical business areas and frequently used applications and services. Thereafter, appropriate counteractions are worked out for identified threats.

The result gives a guide for safe interaction within the information field and choice of optimal remedies that would combine safety and usability.

The services’ package includes:

1. Work on the individual profile of a person online

Analysis of the personal reputation performs by gathering data related to a customer within search engines with varieties of keywords. Further, collected information treated by a special semantic analyzer in order to highlight the most frequent words. It helps to create a portrait with a total allocation of emotional coloring by personality (positive/neutral/negative). 

2. Verification of information on a compromising content

The personal information of a customer (usernames/passwords from email/accounts, credit card data as well as private photos, files, location, etc.) is verified including even tiny details that could have a negative effect on one’s reputation and personal safety. 

3. PC scan

The full customer’s PC scan is performed for a presence of malicious software causing irreparable harm to both personal files and PC performance. This procedure is carried out in the online mode using more than 50 internationally recognized anti-viruses in order to identify and eliminate the most critical threats.

4. Verification of the communication tools (phones, tablets)

We scan the mobile devices for the presence of malicious extensions and spyware to eliminate their effects. In addition the anti-virus programs are installed, if required. The security policy is configured taking into account customer’s security profile. It includes configuring geo data and other information that is sent to the network without the user's knowledge. Optionally we create a secure internet connection.

5. The social services: verification and adjustment

We analyze used email services (for example, Gmail, MailRu) and social networks (as Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, etc.). The functionality of all security mechanisms (such as two-factor authentication) is checked too and adjusted in case of its absence. We provide recommendations for creation of high-leveled secure communication and data exchange using the above services.

6. Search for eavesdropping devices (bugs, recorders, camcorders)

The scan and identification bugs, wiretaps, eavesdropping and spying devices (wireless video cameras) gathering the entire external information without the knowledge is performed. 

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