Consulting in the field of information security

Consulting in the field of information security

The reasons for the audit of information security organizations in banks and other financial institutions are based on a number of facts obtained as a result of the expert analysis of the state of information security in general. They are the following:

  • almost 90% of the web resource comprises at least one critical vulnerability;
  • more than every other day of the year the system fails to eliminate the loopholes;
  • less than an hour of time is required for the processing of funds or corporate information;
  • more than half a million mobile devices are infected with malware.

Consulting in the field of information security, carried out by specialists of ProtectMaster, will let you see the protection using the mindset of the hackers, which will help you identify critical points at which the hacking is most likely to happen, and to promptly eliminate identified vulnerabilities. This preventive security measure will protect your assets, the company's customers, and most importantly preserve reputation.

Our goal is to be one step ahead of the hackers, leaving them no chance to find any loopholes in the security system of your organization. The audit, conducted by ProtectMaster, includes a test of protection level of the systems and the efficiency of work units providing IB: security, IT-department, the software developers.

Our specialization

ProtectMaster Consulting services include:

  • analytics to protect web-resources;
  • audit of installed software, including mobile applications;
  • testing information security of a whole unit;
  • analysis of the network infrastructure for vulnerabilities;
  • prevention of online attacks {DoS / DDoS};
  • If a highly detailed analysis is required, our specialists will conduct the audit of scripts and the source code, carry out a set of tests on potential hacking attacks.

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