Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

The need for computer forensic appears on the cases, where the use of computer technology has involved. It could happen at any stage both investigation and trial commenced. The mechanism of the computer forensics is based on four examinations, defined as: hardware, software, information and network.

The grounds and procedure for

Computer Forensics is operated on the basis of investigator's resolution on the need to perform computer examinations. The main documents for that are the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code.

Computer forensics is impossible without the involvement specialized knowledge in different areas. This is true, above all, of the ability to be pretty familiar with the programming and its main techniques:

  • possession of the OS basics including systems software;
  • excellent skills in computer technology.

In sight of the computer forensics is the facts established by using the knowledge of the above. These facts further logged into the trial commenced materials.

Computer forensics in criminal investigation may move from under the roof of government forensic institutions. Its holding is carried out experts who possess special skills, have the appropriate education and knowledge of narrow specialization. Ones must don’t work as the state forensic expert. The activity involved qualified persons governed by the rules of the CPC of Ukraine.

Forensic examination with the use of computer technology is a legal framework and the key evidence in the cybercrime investigations.

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