Competitive intelligence

Information about a competitor is an effective way to develop own market policy and to promote company’s services and products more specifically. In addition, it prevents reputation damage.

One aspect of the organization's IT security is connected to ensuring its competitiveness. This is a situation when the best protection way is active competitive intelligence that basically directed to a current market trends analysis, as well as:

  • the research of major market players in a particular activity’s segment;
  • detailed information about competitors;
  • prevention of the PR vulnerability.

This set of activities allows company’s top managers to make informed decisions based on reliable information about the market conditions.

Creating of competitors’ full profile

Our company produces information and analysis on major market players:

  • competitors and their partners;
  • vendors;
  • consumers..

The selection of information on competing companies is made according to market share. In addition, we define the major vendors and customers as well as:

  • market policies of the companies;
  • level of the state of technology and technical conditions;
  • warehouses’ dimensions and location.

Information on organizational structure of competitors is collected. This approach includes information on the financial sector: the present situation, financing terms and funding prospects. Alternatively, information on key staff and responsible decisions makers is collected too.

We study the competitors' marketing activities with a focus on the range of services or products, their reputation in the market, the level of consumer demand for the most popular products. The advertising strategies and the main areas of marketing is analyzed.

Our company also performs analytical research on the specific activities of competitors the customer is interested in.

The information field monitoring

Promotion of products and services of companies is based on the favorable coverage its activities and targeted advertising.

At the same time, we carry out preventive actions to avoid potential damage to client’s business reputation. The main sources bad PR spreading is analyzed according to the following list:

  • unfair competitors;
  • picky clients;
  • disgruntled employees.

Such negative activity is timely locked in a legal fold.

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