Collection of digital evidence


The appearance of specialized units counteracting against cybercrimes gave rise to new kind of evidence as information. Such materials are portable data storage as well as drives, withdrawn from computers and other electronic devices.

Today, the gathering of digital evidence is full-fledged part of the criminal investigation. The procedure is regulated by norms of the State Law..

Preliminary consultation

The information materials seizure must be in accordance with the State Law standards to ensure that procedure is legally verified. Our certified experts will provide this service. We use non-destructive methods of data copying to keep collected information safe and authentic. The special recording blockers are used to make copy of gathered data. It saves information integrity and prevents access to content. In addition, the material sealed by the customer organization, our company, as well as the signatures of the persons involved in the process. The legal validity of the seized information materials provides by the protocol containing activity logs. The resulting document is certified by the signatures of all persons involved in the process.

A separate stage of the evidence gathering is a special procedure which identify whether information storage has relation to the case. Seizure of the data storage followed by copying of their contents is made by company’s expert.

What customer gets

The result of our experts’ activity is transferring to the customer the next items:

  • data storage devises possessing evidence base in the criminal case;
  • the data copies with forensic significance for the process of an internal investigation related to information security breach;
  • documentation for the data storage devises seizure or its content copying.

The company's activity is not limited to the prior information gathering. This service provides an in-depth case analysis; its results may be used as the evidence base during internal investigation.

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