Brand Protection

Brand Protection

The ProtectMaster company provides complex protection customer brand use and his intellectual property. Our service includes identifying illegal content following by its removing and preventing the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.

The protection scheme: how it works

The company has developed its own system for monitoring piracy including violating of the intellectual property and owner’s brand use. The accumulated hands-on experience of the system implementation has proven its effectiveness in monitoring, detection and rapid response to the property rights violation including distribution of copyrighted materials, objects and digital content. Developed by ProtectMaster experts specialized software automates the next processes launching:

  • searching websites, torrents and other sources of the digital materials illegal distribution based on regular expressions matching;
  • forming legally relevant notices following by send ones to website administrators where the client’s intellectual rights is violated;
  • activating automatic mode of effective sources removal that recognized by our system as illegal content distribution focusing on client's property rights violation or illegal brand use;
  • regular analysis of responses on issued legally relevant notice in order to work out the cooperation strategy with specific websites;
  • generation of reports and right holder database, including its regular maintenance.

ProtectMaster experts during their activity blocked a lot of sources of illegal brand use and distribution of materials that violate owner’s rights.

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