Audit of web services

Audit of web services

One of the leakage of corporate data sources is the Internet. Existing and potential vulnerabilities of web applications, sites or services open up various opportunities for cybercriminals, such as:

  • getting inside the corporate local area network;
  • acquiring confidential information;
  • disrupting critical business processes;
  • executing fraudulent activities.

According to the analytical statistics, published in one of the leading research and consulting company Gartner, the vulnerabilities of web services accounted for more than two-thirds of information security threats. On average, each Web application has more than a dozen potential vulnerabilities of varying degrees of severity. About 80% of banks and other commercial institutions have been attacked because of data leakage through their own web applications that contained vulnerabilities.

ProtectMaster is working to ensure the security of corporate information network. At the preliminary stage, our experts are studying existent and potential vulnerabilities of the web applications in the enterprise. The results of the analysis produce a detailed report, including detected vulnerabilities of web-based systems, their description, how to solve them, as well as specific recommendations for improving the degree of web security.

ProtectMaster is already working with many financial institutions, banks, and commercial enterprises of various industries.

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