Today the IT-business faces pressure by government security forces following series of searches and removing computer equipment. To help IT-business, company ProtectMaster launches a new service named “Antisearch”.

The basic problem is seizing of computer and server equipment, including HDDs. In that case an IT-company faces some risks. The seized information on HDDs could be falsified by adding fake files or directly used in the Law Court. ProtectMaster company offers complex service packages for an information protection. Ones will help IT-companies to minimize unwanted effects of searches or even eliminate them at all.

The “Antisearch” service package includes:

1. PC encryption

Our IT experts perform the data encryption the most important files, HDD load sectors or all information from PCs and servers. The optional service allows you to create the copies of HDD data with remote storages. As result, all important information for an IT-company is fully protected from unwanted access. Moreover, it isn’t possible to decode the encrypted information without strong access’s codes (ones are remotely saved too).

2. Configure security policy settings

Service includes an audit and re-configuration security policies and the local net settings to prevent data fraud by network.

3. Consulting employees including network administration training

4. Law instruction

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