Investigation of corporate e-mail hacking

ProtectMaster investigated the corporate e-mail content theft at the request of a company “A”. One is engaged in exclusive scientific and technical development so communication with customers generally occurs through the e-mail service.

The incident has happened due to staff carelessness resulting in stealing e-mail account’s usernames and passwords. A phishing email designed likely to a daily correspondence has came on the corporate e-mail. It lull company “A” employees into a false sense of security. The attempt of attached files downloading redirected employees to phishing site with the requirement to re-enter their e-mail login and password.

The ProtectMaster team has joined to the investigation at the right moment in order to get corporate e-mail accounts access back. Moreover, our experts identified both a hacking perpetrator and a person who ordered it. 

Account was restored after numerous queries on Google and communication with its support service. Since the accounts return, it wasn’t difficult to watch its activity history and find out the perpetrator IP-address. The IP-address of the cyber crime organizer has been found by checking the history of the account entrances. The full identification of these persons was performed in cooperation with law enforcement authorities. The investigation results were submitted to the customer.

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