Nikita Knysh

Nikita Knysh - is the founder of the ProtectMaster project 
Date of birth: 25.10.91
Location/Residence: Kharkiv
Field of Interest: information security
Education: HAI, Radio engineering, , 2008 - 2013
Marital status: Married
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Nikita Knysh has been working in information security for over 10 years. His specialization is the Web services protection and cyber investigations. Knysh is a former SBU employee. Nikita has dozens disclosed cybercrimes. In 2015, he returned to ProtectMaster project. Knysh and his team created HackIT - the biggest cybersecurity forum and cyber Olympic Games in Ukraine. He currently runs a number of projects in the information security and web development areas. Nikita makes oral presentation for students and carries out educational activities in the information security field. He was a speaker at conferences ProfIT, OWASP KNURE, BSides and the School of Deputies. 

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