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ProtectMaster – is a team of experts in the IT-security field, dealing with the implementation of complex solutions in protecting businesses against online and offline threats since 2008. The company founders are Nikita Knysh and Vladimir Taratushka.
The first focus of our activities was web sites and projects protection from DDOS attacks, as well as the vulnerability scanning of web-recourses and scripts. In this direction, we implements cloud technology to protect your sites and scripts. We select an individual approach to ensure a necessary security level of any project ranging from online shops to automated exchange offices and payment aggregators.
Since 2010, we start to develop a virus’ analytics direction. In 5 years, we detected and turn a dozen new malware over to law enforcement authorities.
Since 2011, we develop our own security policy for the business to provide access distinction and control in big companies. It is actively implemented by our company until now.
Since 2012, we added the secure solutions to protect businesses from raider attacks possible illegal intrusions by law enforcement agencies.
Since 2015, ProtectMaster cooperates with world Computer Emergency Response (CERT), and international antivirus companies. In addition, the company's experts were technical organizers of first Ukrainian Olympic Games and Forum on cybersecurity «HackIT-2015». The attendance of this event was more than 500 people.
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